Emobility (www.club-e.io)

The New York City Council and many cities have declared war on innovation and consumer choice. But we have the way out. Everyone knows Uber and Lyft, ola have major problems. CAPTAINS are treated more like temps than entrepreneurs. CAPTAINS both rideshare and taxi, are making less money than ever. Junomoneta building the world's first and only Peer-to-Peer ridesharing network that is owned and operated by its Captains. daily/weekly SUBSCRIPTION BASE and DISRUPTING the Industry!, With one time CLUB E membership fees of $ 1000. (2 installments) India rs 10000.

Our network will achieve industry-leading metrics in seven areas:

  • Captain Earnings — Our top Captains will earn 2-3x or more than they are used to make with the corporate rideshares. And they do that all on their own terms, building recurring customer bases that no one can take away from them.
  • Captain Retention — Uber and Lyft, OLA have between 50-90% annual captain turnover. That means most of today's Uber & Lyft, OLA, captains will quit in the next year. The lowest turnover and highest retention in the entire rideshare industry we target.
  • Cost Efficiency — We'will bring our operational expenses to maintain the network down to a bare minimum. It is a truly CLUB E membership base rideshare community operated by its captains — and the very definition of a scalable model we are now excited to present.
  • Gradually all Captains /entrepreneurs will TRADE into ELECTRIC cars and will play a crucial role in reducing fuel cost and Reducing pollution. The profits they will get and reduction in the cost of fuel will encourage them to go for ELECTRIC cars and save the world form Pollution. The responsible business.
  • We will offer Crypto/Equity to Captains /Entrepreneurs (ownership).
  • The riding cost for customers will also go down due to Electric cars.
  • No permission from cities needed as its Peer to Peer.
  • As nice, comfortable cars and E cars take over here people will be encouraged not to buy cars as this is a cheaper option, will help in reducing congestion on Roads.
  • Weekly/daily subscription, daily $ 12 or weekly $ 84(USA) India RS 70 daily, weekly RS 390, we don't take any share from Captains Earnings, they retain what they collect /earn 100%.

We're coming to New York, Atlanata, LA, India, Brazil. and everywhere And we don't need to ask bureaucrats for permission. In Oct/Nov 18 we will launch the mobile app, empowering Captains -entrepreneurs to organize local rideshare networks and connect directly with riders on their consented terms. with Higher charge limits.

Introducing CLUB E
All Captains will have to enroll as member with One time fees. JUNOMONETA is building a global network of local captain cooperatives called CLUB E. CLUB E Captains work together to provide reliable service to their local area.

First-Last Mile
As the last mile solution and to reduce congestion and pollution Dockless E scooter and E-Bikes will also play a Major role on our E Mobility.
Part of the hype surrounding the micro mobility space stems from the fact that roughly 60% of trips in the US/India are five miles or less.
Additionally, traditional bikes, as well as e-bikes and e-scooters, address a number of inefficiencies in the transportation ecosystem.
Most notably, they tackle the first- and last-mile problem, or the trips to and from public transportation hubs.

Fewer people are using public transportation
Solving this issue is critical, as fewer people are using public transportation even as cities are growing more populated.

Uber Jump trips
Many attributes waning public transportation used to the convenience of ride-hailing and historically low gas prices, which makes driving a personal car more affordable.
Bikes and scooters, which allow people to quickly and easily move shorter distances, can help commuters access public transport hubs that are several miles away.
These personal vehicles can also replace short-distance car rides, which would help to reduce traffic levels and make overall urban transport more efficient.
In July, Uber reported that rides on Jump electric bikes, a shared e-bike platform acquired by Uber in April, have been cannibalizing Uber rides during periods of high congestion.

A confluence of maturing technologies, including mobile payments, IoT, and GPS technology helped make dockless systems possible.
When combined into a mobile app, these technologies allow users to locate, access and pay for vehicles without the need for fixed stations.
VISION = "Make cities designed around people, not cars and pollution free, congestion-free" that's the Vision.