We have always been drawn to the intrigue and drama that real life holds.

Small events, big ones, a human experience that resonates with a larger reality. we are trying to revolutionize the way films are financed and made. Hollywood and Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic all are a relationship is driven, producers, crew, and True stories sourced globally with the practical budget. That will form the initial slate of Junomoneta coin. But the idea is to create a profitable indie film making industry, where creators can finance their films outside the studio system and retain artistic independence.

we can enable independent Storytellers to truly follow their hearts... instead of having to fall back into pre-established algorithms of storytelling that we've heard and seen over and over, we can establish an entertainment industry that we want to see.


Will enable gamers to accumulate Junomoneta coins in the background as they continue to play uninterruptedly, providing gamers a new incentive to spend more time gaming, and opening a new marketing approach for brands to interact for longer time periods with gamers ,increasing brand loyalty.

Phala Live Quiz And Lotto and World's Best Talent competition

Watch trailers and movies in theaters, sports , entertaiment events and outings anywhere almost , and earn $JM (Junomoneta Cryptocurrency)/Equity

We value fan's time and their opinion and here we gift/reward them with $JM(Junomoneta cryptocurrency)/equity.

Watch trailers and movies in theaters and earn $JM(Junomoneta cryptocurrency)/equity.

This means that fans who watch trailers, watch movies and spread word about films, promote the movies will be rewarded.

When someone likes a movie trailer they think looks cool they get coins/equity Junomoenta to give users an incentive to market and promote the films and watch the films in theaters.

When a user watches a trailer they will earn tokens/equity, As soon as they enter theaters and watch the movies tokens/equity will be transferred to their accounts which can be cashed through in-app Purchases/Moxi debit card or on Exchanges upon listing.

So here Phala encourages fans to view movies in theaters as they can earn back and valued for their time. So it helps in containing piracy.

1) $6000 JM = 1 Air or Cruise economy Ticket to Goa from Mumbai for residents of India.

2) $6000 JM = 1 air ticket to Miami from Any part of continent USA.

3) $6000JM = 1 air ticket to Milan from Bucharest or Equity at the discretion of Management.

4) $10000 JM = one 50" color TV any where in world.

5) $15000 JM = 2 Cruise Tickets economy class to Goa from Mumbai and 1 night stay in Hotel in GOA for residents in India.

6) $15000 JM = 2 cruise tickets from Miami to Bahams for US residents.

7) $15000 JM = 1 cruise tickets For European residents. TESLA S3 Electric Car with 10 MILLION $ JM

Whats IEO?

A security token offering IEO Initial convertible coins, refers to the sale of tokens that can represent a company’s equity and thrives within a fully compliant trading ecosystem. Security token offerings create the high-demand for a system that allows functionalities and benefits that traditional stock market cannot provide.

In other words, security token (IEO-Initial Exchange Offering) offerings combine aspects of ICOs with IPOs to provide the seemingly perfect balance between gaining access to capital at a low-cost while remaining compliant with securities laws. This is achieved through security tokens which are essentially digital, liquid contracts for fractions of any asset that already has value (think a real estate property, a car, a painting, equity in a company, etc.).

These tokens are meant to operate more like traditional securities and to meet all the requirements of the SEC. Examples of this would include the Venezuelan government’s oil-backed Petro coin. To put this into perspective, data from the first security token platform- Polymath shows that security token offerings will prevail on the market by 2020 and will be more than $10 trillion.

Let’s have a detailed look at the benefits of Security Token Offering IEO (Intial Exchange Offering) convertible in to equity

Benefits of IEO

  • Fractionalization of Assets- IEO means that fractional ownership of a real asset can be denominated in tokens and consequently, investors can expect that their ownership stake is preserved on the blockchain ledger.
  • Greater transparency- Just like shareholders, the security token holders can vote in the decisions of the start-up/company as they see fit and this helps ensure transparency.
  • IEOs are regulated- The issue with IEOs is that utility tokens are unregulated and this means that business organizations raising capital can easily bypass institutional finance alongside the costs and accountability required. But with IEO, the picture is totally different as it’s safer to raise funds. Security token offerings are fully compliant with the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) laws and this helps create stable conditions needed to run a company.
  • Improved market efficiency- Security token/IEO offerings provide security to investors with its recognizable structure and its affiliated technological advancement, and as a result, investors will trust our project and definitely invest in it.The point here is that Security Token offering creates a supportive ecosystem that merges the traditional financial market and the cryptocurrency market together, for the betterment of both. This means that projects with real value and which decides to go the IEO route are the only ones that will benefit and those that are just seeking a quick fundraising route will not succeed this time round.