We have always been drawn to the intrigue and drama that real life holds.

Small events, big ones, a human experience that resonates with a larger reality. we are trying to revolutionize the way films are financed and made. Hollywood and Indian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Arabic all are a relationship is driven, producers, crew, and True stories sourced globally with the practical budget. That will form the initial slate of Junomoneta coin. But the idea is to create a profitable indie film making industry, where creators can finance their films outside the studio system and retain artistic independence.

If we can enable independent Storytellers to truly follow their hearts... instead of having to fall back into pre-established algorithms of storytelling that we've heard and seen over and over, we can establish an entertainment industry that we want to see.

We are coming out with 150 million USD (Initial Convertible Coin)
Movies (Hollywood movies under pre production)


The Scare
Horror / Thriller


No Clue
Based on true story


The Heist 300 million
Based on true story
Auditions starts for movies
Stream your story and performance in The Reality Show as described above.