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WHY PHALA - How it works

Engage and reward customers by proactively offering them what they need, entertainment, fun!

Relevant Audience

Use our advanced insights and AI platform to engage with a relevant audience in minutes.

Create Rewards

Create exclusive rewards to incentivize and serve customer needs in real-time within the app.

Pay for Engaged entertainment

pay only when you see a redemption come through. Impressions, clicks and everything else is on us!


Fans are notified of relevant rewards instantly and right place.

Fans Claim in-app for instant gratification.

Users visits a physical or online store to complete the redemption.

Location, Interests, requirement, Insight

We help partners connect with users at the right place at right time.

Prediction- AI /big data

We predict fans's Near Future needs, likes, interests at any given time and place. Box office, Prediction, Age, gender likes /dislikes, Star power, Theaters preference, Ticket pricing Effect, Mall preferences, food preference, transportation preference. Dress Preference, Star preference, Near Future needs, likes, interests at any given time and place., Brands can release Ads in theater or Native Ad in movies accordingly.


We understand user's lifestyle and behavior preferences.

Phala - Sky is the limit! Predictive Marketing platform

Phala can predict - when and who will be watching movies and which categories of movies, so theaters can offer discount code for movies tickets and concession stand so they can create demand, even for particular movie they can offer discount code and get more fans in theater on particular lean days. Same thing can apply to concerts and sports events. which male and female which age will watch movies, buy products or consumes food can also be targeted.

Restaurants and cafes can offer discount at particular time and days to create demand.

Stores from the malls can offer discount code and create special demand on particular product and food., special discount on Birthday.

Its about creating and then targeting demand.

So near future demand can be predicted, like next 4 hrs, week days, weekends, this will trigger the brands to make a reward/discount. we will know in mall which store or food joint they stopped. The goal is to get deals to when they are most receptive. So who offers timely deal will see the traffic flowing Movecash serves as a middleman between businesses and the fans, when it comes to personal data.

The power of information in aggregate and anonymized is really powerful enough for brands!

We have to keep the deals coming in from brands then Sky is the limit.

Our Live Movies Base Trivia
Game Changer - The biggest prize ever, Biggest rewards ever

Our Special Trivia from Movies

We bring back life to theaters

Our Anchor will fire questions with New Movies, We will create a storm, hurricane PROMOTION OF FILMS We can promote particular film or films And Trivia will be based on new films - in 10 seconds multiple choice questions will have to be answered

Phala knows when and where fans are going to be, it can sell that information to restaurants or other businesses looking to juice sales. On a larger scale, however, this information can also be sold to studios trying to promote movies that might have underperformed otherwise. Think of Netflix's recommendations, which are based on your viewing history. If studios knew which kinds of movies you saw in theaters, where you saw them, what times you preferred,gender , they could partner with Phala to advertise only to those people most likely to buy tickets to their movies. It's not hard to see why that would be far more valuable than, say, spending money on a national TV slot to air a trailer that only a handful of viewers might see, and only a small portion of whom find interesting enough to buy a ticket to see it in theaters. Why fans hunt for trailers even on youtube where they have no advantage ?


BY FANS for data collection? Showing some reticence about data gathering is smart in the short term. But for better or worse, there’s not much reason to believe users will be that upset about it in the long run, as long as it offers something useful in return. Just witness the billions of people still willing to share details of their personal lives with Facebook.Few will acknowledge it, but the value judgment we've collectively made is that invasion of privacy is no longer a detriment, but an attractive feature of contemporary life.


Phala from the beginning visioned that data would be a major part of it ,and created its APP both rewarding & entertaining for users and profitable for the company And revenue from Subscription of wallet and transaction fees and Native video ads, and ADS of movies and trailers and marketing of products and services and discount offers to fans/users when they are MOST RECEPTIVE. PHALA expects to earn about $6 per fan on marketing and advertising. Data mining is a big part of Phala 's business because it will "help the studios know who wants to watch a particular film… the worst part about making movies is that it's very inefficient to find that customer who's gonna love it, and get them to the theater." If you're marketing any given mid-range movie, that's information well worth whatever you have to pay to get it.

Exploring utilizing location based marketing as a way to help enhance the overall experience,” including by using data “to better inform how to market potential customer benefits including discounts, rewards , on transportation, coupons for nearby restaurants, , stores and other similar opportunities.” Most importantly, Phala reiterate claim that Phala won’t sell user data to third parties. Its a bridge between third parties and fans.

“Because fans are being tracked in your GPS by the phone . . . we watch how fans drive from home to the movies. We watch where you go before and afterwards, and so we know the movies you watch, where you watch .. We know all about you. WE DO NOT SELL DATA. What we do is we use that data to market film and other products and services

"It's a real big part, and the way we will use it is to help the studios know who should -- who wants to watch a particular film," The ads in theater can be targeted .The food varieties at concession stand can be decided . Birthdays can be specially rewarded.

More Efficient Services to consumers:

"Data is the lifeblood of so much of Silicon Valley," said Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson. The CBS News contributor says tech companies collect personal information not only to make money, but also to make their services more efficient for customers.

Data is new OIL, you cant live without it

REWARDS - Once traction is achieved, the product rewards will flow from the BRANDS, to keep it continuously flowing is the exciting task .

Engagement - with trailers and quiz we will keep Fans engaged. We will have 360/vr comedy clips and fashion show clip to keep fans engaged .