According to Statista, in the United States, 48% of respondents have watched a movie after it left theatres, but before it was available to watch legally at home. An additional 24% have admitted to watching a pirated movie while it was still in theatres. In 2016, some of the most pirated movies worldwide included Deadpool, Batman v Superman, and Zootopia, while Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV series.

Executive Summary

The Bigger is Better really!

Movies are the heart of American, Indian, Chinese, Arabic, Latino culture. With the biggest budgets, best talent and blockbuster storytelling, its prime time, I've even programming every week.

You have been there. That 50 feet screen, HD Image, and surround sound create an all-encompassing experience in a captive environment -making it the most effective way to reach and engage the audience.No distraction, no remote, no DVR. Imagine if you could tap into that emotional connection right at the moment .oh wait you can!

who is watching your ads anymore ?? A fragmented audience, declining reach, ad-skipping technology, here SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

Here we come in to picture - Our 360/Vr/AR non intrusive Advt in APP will be engaging !

Again we encourage Fans to go to movie theaters. Here also they will be fully focused on Advt.

Increase in sales at the concession stand and ticket counter and containing piracy.

With our Cryptosystem fans will earn and will be encouraged to visit movie theater more, help in increasing revenue at ticket sales counter and concession counter and of course help in containing the piracy.