Reality Shows

All talented participants please read carefully

All the prizes/gifts are to be funded by FANS so win hearts of your Fans.

Go to all social media, your schools, colleges, malls and perform there and spread the word about your talent and ask them to watch and vote on Junomoneta App and ask them to gift/vote you at least $1 or more, More the money more votes. There are big prizes/gifts to earn. You must create fan base of Millions, one million vote with $1 each minimum gift will take you finals of WORLD'S BEST.

Please note all Participants will Earn small or Big $, but it's up to you how to win the heart of Fans. We provide platform and opportunity to be WORLD'S BEST.

Please note all Fiat currency will be converted in to Crypto/Equity currency.

All the prize/gift money will be paid in crypto/equity and receiver can covert into fiat on listing on exchanges or in app purchases.

Comedy, fashion, acting, magic, models, athlete, makeup, singer, dancer, music, pets, travel all and any other original talent welcome.

First prize

$10 Million JM/Equity

Second prize

$6 Million JM/Equity

Third Prize

$3.34 Million JM/Equity

Fourth prize

$1.67 Million JM/Equity